Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the religion course

cantik kan ?

just now i had go to ceramah about religion stuff . kinda awkward when you're the only person is youngest and MALAY . hahaha . i never open my mouth though . okay im lying . so , i go to this ceramah . its all about saudara muslim or in other name 'mualaf' . and i was like , this is not for me , my mum should go instead of me . wasting my time . 

then , bit by bit all the negative thoughts goes away . i try to understand what the lecture says . did you know that most of the reason that non muslim dont want to convert to muslim is because our MALAY attitude . like okay , for example , lots of malay nowadays like to chill at disco and where else , drinking until they drunk , do you ever think what the non muslim are thinking . they said , if i convert into that bastard religion it could get any worst . better i stick with mine . what so good about islam by the way . 

so , my point is , at the ceramah the lecture said , " if you want to convert to muslim , please dont look at the malays . look at the religion itself . its a lot of different between race and religion . " im like , damn ! thats hurt though . and then i realize that the word of lecture were saying is true ! no need to look others la . just look at our self . do we act like islam ? or we just had the title only ?

a lot in my mind . dont want to talk much because im not really good at religion stuff . so , one of the saudara baru discuss something that caught my interest . her family is a really strong religious family . like preacher something . her family go to overseas to preaching . like she said , christian can convert like thousands to its religion itself . why not islam do the same ?

the lecture just said , we dont know islam . okay , there's a lot going through my mind now . i think that the lecture said is true . i try to give my opinion . if people dont know islam , then , how people want to explain the non muslim about the wonders of this religion . but why we cant preaching like christian ?  my opinion is there's a lot of people dont know about islam , then , they dont know how explain to others about the wonders . 

hahaha , my answer just simple as that . nervous at first when i want to answer . then , learn about the basic of islam . wudhuk , solat and all that . then , came this aunty , she ask me how old i am , and  i answer 18 , she ask still study ? and i said yup , form 6 , and then she asked " owh , so , you had just convert to muslim right ? how do it feels ? " and i was like , " huh ? im not converted to muslim . my mum did , not me . " haha . and she was like , " owh... saudara baru's daughter . " haha .

so , we end our discussion and get back to the hall . the lecture talk about the rukun and solat . suddenly i heard justin bibir's song . and i was like what the f*** ?? come on man ! the song was louder than ever . the owner dont know how to switch off the music . come on ! its just ruined my mood to do good things ! you know you gonna join the ceramah , switch off your phone dude ! or at least make it silent . haiiisshhh ! 

the ceramah is good for me by the way :) i hope i will change someday . Insyaallah :)