Saturday, December 3, 2011

there is a past haunted back.

okay , i know i broke your heart . i know i'm the only one there's in your heart . but come on dude , you had your chance . and seriously you had blown it . and i had give you like a thousands chance , but still you did the same . and you expect me to accept you back ? come on man . i may be naive , but seriously , i had enough of this kind of shit !

you called me just so me hearing you cried ? dude ! you think i'm gonna fall for that ? isshhh . soooo annoyingggg ! even your friends know that it's fake tears . so , i had fall for this dude , and i'm gonna treat him better than i treat you . i'm gonna love him ! in your face ! hahaha. you called me heartless just now . there's no attention to revenge :)

haven't you heard of this quote ?

An Ex is called an Ex because it's an Example of what you shouldn't have in the future ;)